We’re out of pancakes.

You folks at home are making a lot of pancakes.
We sold our 6 month supply in 2 months.

We are 100% out of stock.

Also, maybe you saw on instagram:
the whole midwest is baking - a lot - so our supply chain of small-scale traditional stone-millers is also out of stock on what we need.

We’re waiting for the mills to catch up, working on finding the grains we need elsewhere, exploring other ingredient options, and working on securing the financing we need in order to scale our orders up to meet current demand.

We will not be doing farmer’s markets this summer.

The sampling that is so essential to our farmer’s market business would be unwise at this time. It’s a hard choice to make, and we’ll miss you this summer, but we are working on other local Chicago delivery options.

We look forward to sending you pancakes again soon.

And on a personal note, thank you for staying home when you can. The mother in our mother-son founding team is immune compromised, and at very serious risk to COVID-19. A flatter curve may save her life.